Better to be hated,

Than loved, loved, loved for what you’re not

I Am Not a Robot (2010) was written as an introspective song, Diamandis describing it as “singing to [her]self.” Her decision to release it as a single was based on the observation that many other listeners found the song’s lyrics relatable and easy to connect with, “regardless of gender or age.”


Hi Tubmlr. Please read this and pass it along. It’s important.

Here pictured is Desmond Hague, CEO of Centerplate kicking a helpless dog multiple times then proceeding to yank on its chain trying to choke it all the while its cowering in the corner. He has since given out a rather unconvincing apology and Centerplate has issued a statement saying they are looking into the matter. This company is a huge catering company that makes food for many sportd stadiums and venues across the United States. This man deserves to be fired, receive anger management and donate money to the humane society if not serve jail time. Here is a link to sign a petition to pressure Centerplate into firing him and not just brush it under the rug: